Organize A Lead Upwards Book Talk

Coinciding with the launch of my new book Lead Upwards: How Startup Joiners Can Impact New Ventures, Build Amazing Careers, and Inspire Great Teams, I am partnering with organizations that are interested in hosting a book talk / Q&A discussion on startup leadership topics. 

Lead Upwards book talks are for startup board members, founders, funders, and managers seeking a dynamic discussion about business leadership. Organizations like Techstars, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Bolster, High Alpha, Dremio, Epistemix, and others have hosted book talks focused on the following topics:

  • How startup joiners can make an impact, regardless of their title
  • How to manage the challenges posed by leading a remote, distributed, or hybrid team
  • Management strategies based on inclusive and diverse teambuilding, alignment with business objectives, and inspirational leadership
  • Effective ways to level up your skills and stay current as your company grows
  • How VCs can support leaders at their portfolio companies
  • How CEOs can support their CXOs/teams
  • Measuring success: How to know if things are working
  • Communicating results to your CFO, CEO, company, and Board
  • Mentorship: How to further grow your career by networking and giving back

Interested in organizing a Lead Upwards book talk?

Organizations that have hosted a Lead Upwards book talk include:

Book talks given by Sarah E. Brown author of Lead Upwards (Wiley)