SARAH-BROWN-ABOUTSarah E. Brown is a B2B tech marketing leader, author, startup mentor, and ecosystem builder with more than a decade of experience scaling SaaS companies through customer-centric marketing. She specializes in leading high-performing teams that meet and exceed OKRs while fostering an environment where people feel supported and empowered to do their best work.

Currently, the VP of Marketing at Sastrify, the leading provider of SaaS procurement solutions, and is a mentor at Techstars in the Workforce Development accelerator. In February 2021, Sarah was named a 2021 Techstars All-Star Mentor. In 2023, she became an advisor for the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Building Momentum, Diversity and Entrepreneurship Conference. Sarah is the author of the books Power to the Startup People: How To Grow Your Startup Career When You’re Not The Founder and Lead Upwards: How Startup Joiners Can Impact New Ventures, Build Amazing Careers, and Inspire Great Teams.

From 2016-2018, Sarah launched and co-hosted Helping Sells Radio, an award-winning enterprise technology podcast about software adoption and helping customers discover, adopt and thrive using your software, and from 2020-2022, launched and co-hosted Selling In The Cloud, a podcast about the business of cloud sales and marketing.

From 2014 to 2022, Sarah founded and co-organized Flatirons Tech, an LGBTQ diversity- and inclusion-focused tech meetup based in Boulder, CO. Flatirons Tech works with local startups and organizations to put on events that promote inclusion in tech throughout the Front Range and beyond. She is also a co-organizer of San Francisco Bay Area Vegans in Tech Meetup, a community of developers, activists, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, marketers, and others who serve vegan causes through the use of technology.

In 2015, Sarah created and executed the marketing strategies for three self-funded B2B SaaS startups that were each rapidly acquired that same year. In 2016, she was also named to Amity’s “Customer Success A-List” and included in Search Engine Journal’s list of 100 Amazing Women Marketers to Follow on Twitter. She launched and cohosted ServiceRocket’s popular Helping Sells Radio podcast, which made the iTunes “New and Notable” and “What’s Hot” lists in the Technology category in 2016. In May 2015, May 2016, and again in April 2017, Sarah received the Top 100 Customer Success Influencer Award from MindTouch. In July 2017, she was named a Top 75 SaaS Influencer by Tenfold.  In August 2017, she was named Top 40 Customer Success Influencer by Tenfold. In September 2017, she was named a Top 200 Content Experience Strategist 2017 by MindTouch. In March 2018, she was named Top 100 Customer Success Strategist 2018 by MindTouch. In February 2021, she was named a 2021 Techstars “All-Star” Mentor. In June 2022, she was named a 2022 40 Under 40 Business Leader by the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.

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To connect, please e-mail me: SarahBrownMarketing [at] Gmail [dot] com, or connect on LinkedIn.

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