Brad Feld and Dave Jilk’s Poignant New Nietzsche Book Is A Must-Read

As a startup person with little exposure to Nietzsche prior to reading The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Nietzsche: A Book for Disruptors by Brad Feld and Dave Jilk, I found their new book to be so accessible, so poignant, and so profound, that I could barely put it down. It was that good.

Packed with insightful interpretations, “narratives” by Feld and Jilk as well as a cadre of other talented startup leaders from across the Boulder and international startup ecosystem, this book contains extraordinarily useful advice. It engages with work of the famed German philosopher and cultural critic but shares interpretations and stories that are highly applicable for modern-day startup folks.

What’s the difference between having a “passion” and an “obsession” (and why does that matter?) How can introverts win in the startup world? What can we learn from “rollups” that have gone wrong, and how can a simple act like scheduling a regular walk with a friend help us heal in profound ways? How can we face our blind spots? How should you conduct yourself in a board meeting? How trusting should you be in the business world? How can you be pregnant with twins and negotiate acquisitions?

There is so much here, and it’s all gold. Taking Nietzsche’s words as a starting point, the narratives from entrepreneurs and VCs, plus poignant insights from Feld and Jilk were truly useful. This book touched my heart and it has the power to help you be better at your job, whether you’re an entrepreneur, startup joiner, or another member of the ecosystem. Highly recommended reading.

Grab your copy on Amazon

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