Smartsheet: Marketing Collaboration Made Easy

When working with new clients, one of the first things I do is determine how they currently organize and translate ideas into action steps among their team.

This is where Smartsheet comes in. Smartsheet is a project collaboration system that has been really helpful to me in increasing productivity among creative, sales and marketing teams.

I first began using Smartsheet while working with an LA-based tech company. They used it to help manage projects alongside JIRA (note: Smartsheet is compatible with JIRA, and the Smartsheet team told me the JIRA team even uses Smartsheet in-house).

When we began using Smartsheet for our marketing team, we could easily determine which tasks were important, when they were due, and who was responsible for execution. As we crossed off items on our Smartsheet, we got an accurate picture of how much we could accomplish in a given time period, which led to increasing our goals and meeting them. Smartsheet made our collaboration feel like a breeze.

In my consulting business, I’ve begun offering the premium version of Smartsheet to my clients and have been met with enthusiasm and gratitude. What’s perhaps so great about Smartsheet is how flexible it is in terms of scale. It works as well with my small business clients as it does with larger organizations. When I create a Smartsheet for a client, I share it with them and can choose whether to give them admin, editing or viewer privileges. It’s easy for a CEO, individual client, or member of another department within a larger team to easily receive notifications updating them on my or my team’s progress without time-consuming e-mails.

Examples of some common project update questions:

How is the Pinterest build-out going?

Where are we on collaborating with endorsement companies?

When will the mobile downloads ROI report be finished, and which team members are reporting on it?

When will the Facebook mobile ad campaign A/B testing round be completed?

What are the next three content marketing blog topics?

When do we need to rotate copy on Google Adwords campaigns?

What Youtube videos will be uploaded this week and when will SEO keywords and descriptions be added? 

These questions can all be answered with a quick click to Smartsheet.  It saves both parties much time not to have to check in about each individual task, because Smartsheet does the reporting work for you.

Smartsheet-template-event-plan-and-budgetAn example of a marketing template on Smartsheet.

According to Smartsheet’s product description, it’s designed to help with the following: collaboration, file sharing, google apps, alerts and reminders, calendars, budgets, easy reporting, and so much more. It’s easy to update projects, re-assign tasks, adjust due dates, and keep everything laid out in a beautiful way. The possibilities feel nearly endless. Smartsheet offers numerous templates to get started, and the option to integrate with other tools like Google products, Dropbox, Box and JIRA is at your fingertips. I highly recommend adopting Smartsheet to help organize your next project. Give it a try (they offer a great free trial program) and see if it doesn’t change everything.

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