Bidsketch Is A Freelancer’s Best Friend

The Kid Who Talked To Strangers During childhood, I got a reputation for talking to strangers. While I had responsible parents who would’ve never let me wander off with a random person offering candy from his vintage Volkswagen bus, they understood that their kid was pretty much guaranteed to strike up conversations with strangers. Once I even became pen pals over a several-year period with a girl my age who was kicking my seat in an airplane. Embarrassing but true story. . . ss-bidsketch-436x344

Social Media For Business I’ve realized that my natural tendency to strike up conversations with strangers and engage them about their ideas, interests and values translates really nicely to my day job of digital marketing. It turns out that you don’t have to be the coolest kid in the airplane to make friends or spread awareness about a company or product–it just takes some ingenuity and willingness to look like a weirdo inviting someone you’ve never met to engage (after asking them politely to stop kicking your seat). As a digital marketing contractor, I help startups leverage what’s amazing about them to get people interested and talking. Over time, I’ve found a need for a great way to present my offerings in a tight, cohesive, and elegant package. Enter: Bidsketch!

Bidsketch Bidsketch: Proposals Made Easy Bidsketch, recommended to me by one of my former SEO/online marketing guru clients (who knows EVERYTHING…literally, this guy rocks, you should check him out!) solved my need for great proposals, fast. I can template and save outlines of my service offerings, outline options for clients to parse through, and the best part is I can refer back to old proposals to revise them as I change and add more value to my services. It’s also really great that Bidsketch leaves space for users to outline some of the fine print that’s boring to put together but important for maintaining fair business relationships. I can specify retainer rates, additional options, and more. It’s a win-win for me and my clients as we’re determining what will work best for their business or nonprofit and what I can offer. Check out Bidsketch here:

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